Today is the 16th of September 2023, just is a day after EPRA rolled out the new prices for petrol, diesel and kerosene at the pump. The regulatory body has been doing this every month adjusting fuel prices on the night of 14th. Why is this month different? Well this one perhaps pushed Kenyans to the limit.

I am one of those Kenyans who have felt the pinch of they increased price of petroleum products in the country. Unlike you however, I am not here to whine and point a finger at the government. Instead, I am exploring the opportunities available, that can still keep me afloat in the midst of this financial turmoil. As the title of this post says, we are looking at ways to beat the system without going against it.

I will roll out a comprehensive outline of this article in the coming weeks, and rest assured it’s going to be a good read. Stick around, and try to survive these harsh economic times. I’ll keep you posted, you miserable plebs 😀.

By danny