Google’s Android 14 is set to roll out some fascinating and beneficial features, including the new Material You feature, which will bring with it a range of new color palettes. Once again, Google is adding some unique twists to the theming element by introducing some extra vibrant color options.

It’s worth mentioning that the most exceptional feature is still elusive and was not available in the Android 14 Beta. However, our source has managed to dig into the internal codes and uncover the new tweak. Additionally, we have a clear view of how this feature will appear on your phone’s display and apps.

Google and Material You have been working hand in hand since the launch of Android 12. This feature is capable of adding an entirely new theme and animations to your phone’s screen while also skinning compatible app icons in the same color, giving a classy shine to the home screen.

It appears that the Android maker is now planning to revamp Material You with new and bold color palettes in the 14 version. According to sources, Google is working on a new style theme that will bring bolder color choices to the surface.

With this new addition, phone holders will be able to use a base color from their selected wallpapers and apply it as a theme. This will ultimately eliminate the conventional light and dark shade theming and replace it with a slight color tone.

Notably, the fresh style is named Fidelity and is designed to ensure that your selected base color directly appears as the final theme on your smartphone’s home screen. This new feature is set to be a game-changer for Android users, providing them with an exciting and unique user experience.

In conclusion, Google’s Android 14 is shaping up to be an exciting update for Android users. The new Material You feature with its range of new color palettes and the Fidelity style theme will undoubtedly enhance the user experience on smartphones.

As we eagerly await the official rollout of Android 14, it’s worth keeping an eye on Google’s official blog and social media channels for the latest news and updates. Additionally, websites such as XDA Developers and Android Central offer comprehensive coverage and analysis of all things Android.

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