Kenyans don’t listen. How long has it been – I think three weeks since the last major scam(worldcoin) went down? And already, we have a new MLM out here calling itself swiftqash technologies. Kenya has pretty much become the Wild East of Africa, and authorities have perhaps been unable to tame this sector? Its either that or this scam thingy must really pay well and therefore worth the risk, no?

Some of the MLM pyramid schemes we’ve had in the past

Over the past few years of the digital era, Kenyans have lost millions to a good number of online scams. Me thinks at this rate, the people who run these scams have been the same all along. Here’s my theory:

Scammer A creates a new MLM scam, does all the necessary paperwork and sets up payments and an online platform. He/she then engages local influencers to pump some hype to the scheme – get things rolling, if you may.

Once the scam picks some traction and popularity, and registrations roll in, Scammer A uses registration fees to reward existing members, promising them of more bonuses if they welcome new members to register.

What really keeps this thing alive is usually new registrations. Now when things are really going well, and cash is flowing in daily, exisiting members are told there is a technical hitch affecting payments of bonuses, and they will have to wait two weeks before cashing out. During this period, registration is still open, and these new members continue to join swiftqash technologies register by paying Kes.450.

How these schemes end is usually very simple – Members just wake up a few days to cashing out, and just like that, the scheme is gone. No paybill, no website, no ussd. As usual, Kenyans will make some noise for a few days, then all goes back to normal, except at this point, some are counting their losses. Scammer A has already cashed out big time, and is now lying low, enjoying the spoils.

They will move on

After a few weeks or months, depending on how good the previous kill was, you definitely know what is going to happen. Scammer A will get back in action, following the same exact script, except this time, changing the name, purpose and payment systems of the new MLM. Now since Scammer A was not able to pull the first scam alone, his co-workers are now “experts” in the game, and will soon franchise and start their own MLMs, giving birth to Scammers B, C, D and more. This is the modern day society we live in.

Now onto swiftqash – is it any different?

You can argue all you want, but having been on the make money online industry long enough, I can spot a fake from far. This is just another pyramid scheme. It doesn’t matter what amount you were able to make, as that highly depends on your level in the food chain.

Instead of rushing to google search and typing swifqash technologies login or swiftqash technologies Nairobi, why not learn a skill and get a legit online job? Because right now, all I see is people looking for swiftqash technologies app free, all in a frantic effort to register. At this point, isn’t that a bit like begging to be scammed?


Woe unto you should you get swayed into this latest online scam in Kenya. You will lose your Kes 450 in the hopes of getting Kes. 3K. Swiftqash will milk your pockets dry, and you will have no one to cry to. Stay woke, my people. And most important of all, meaningful things in life can only be achieved through hard work.

By danny