So, students who secured placement into the Kenya Medical Training College are now required to download their admission letter before Monday, the 4th of September. Shouldn’t be a problem, right? Well, that was not the case as of Sunday, 3rd September 2023. The KMTC admission letters were not available anywhere. Nothing on KUCCPS, nothing on the KMTC portal. What exactly was going on?

Update* KMTC admission letters are now available for download from the KMTC portal. I have since checked and confirmed this as of 4th September 2023.
To download your admission letters, go to KMTC portal and log in using the email address you used during the application via kuccps. for password, you can use 123456, or reset if forgotten.

Once logged in, you will find your admission letter and joining instructions ready to download and print.

When are KMTC students required to report to school?

Students are now expected to report to school on the 19th of September 2023.

In the past, KMTC applications could only be done via the KMTC portal, and that was a very straightforward process.

The new way to apply for KMTC in 2023, and how to download the KMTC admission letter

Now came the new policy by the higher-ups, demanding that students applying for any course offered in college/university can only be done using KUCCPS. Noble idea no doubt, especially since the previous application fee of Kenya shillings 2,020 was now replaced by the standard Kes. 1,500 in KUCCPS.
Everything went smoothly during the application process, and towards the end of August, successful applicants were even notified of their placements via SMS. This is where problems have begun.

Students are required to report on Monday 4th September, but as of writing this, none can print their admission letters, yet. Looking at KUCCPS admission letters for KMTC doesn’t yield anything either. This is very inconvenient, mainly because those admission letters usually contain important joining instructions, such as admission requirements. In short, you are not going to school without that.
These requirements often have to be bought, and usually cost a fortune. This is where the bulk of the money goes, save for school fees.
Parents and students are wondering how they are going to join schools with no admission letters, and how they are going to be ready on such short notice. They have also been disadvantaged when it comes to applying for higher education loans.

kmtc admission letter

Unless the window for applying HELB loan is extended, we are looking at the possibility of needy students missing out on pursuing their dreams.

Admit it, the IT department in most Kenyan institutions is deep in slumberland

Something needs to be done, and fast. KMTC should come up with a simple system that will automatically issue admission letters to successful applicants, instead of all this confusion. What happened to the good old way of sending to applicant’s email addresses? Because while not perfect, this method was at least reliable.
In my opinion, application letters and joining instructions for every student should be bundled into one package. Surely KMTC have some web developers that can play with all these pdf libraries out there? This is a very simple thing, as long as the list of successful applicants is fed into the database.

KMTC is not alone

Recently, I saw the blunders of Teachers training colleges as they dispatched admission letters too. At least they tried, until the part where they decided to put all admission letters into a single PDF file, which eventually came out as a behemoth of a 6k word PDF file. Good luck opening that, especially with slow internet.

Okay on the TTC part, I will help

Here is how to easily get your admission letter for teachers training college in Kenya for the September 11 intake:

  1. First, make sure you do this on a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Open the Google Drive link sent to you.
  3. Let it load until the first page can be displayed.
  4. Press Control + F on your Keyboard.
  5. Enter your surname in the search box, then hit enter.
  6. The page will freeze for a while, then eventually you will see the page number has changed.
  7. Wait until it displays the full page, as some students might share names.
  8. If that is not your admission letter, hit enter again, or arrow down just below the search box, and you will be taken to the next matching result.
  9. Repeat the two steps above until you find your admission letter.
  10. Count 11 pages from the one you are at. For example, if you found your admission letter at page 1350, then command your printer to print from page 1350 to page 1361. The remaining 10 pages are joining instructions, etc.

That’s how to download TTC admission letters, especially for colleges like Tambach TTC, Narok TTC and Moi Baringo TTC.

Moving forward here’s how to download KMTC application letters

Back to how to download KMTC admission letter, the letters are now ready for successfull applicants. All you have to do is visit the KMTC portal using this link and use your email and password to log in. Remember to print all the necessary joining instructions, except ones that are read-only, such as fee structure and uniform requirements. Just save those on your phone and save yourself some printing charges.

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By danny