How to withdraw from Toloka to Payoneer + Is it worth it?

So you have been burning hours grinding for Toloka every day, making those little peanuts, in the hopes of landing a well-paying task. You are used to withdrawing the little you get directly to your PayPal account, then to MPESA. Things are not too bad, but it could get better. Well, that’s not until they go south real quick. Toloka has parted ways with PayPal. With the only option left being Payoneer, is it still worth it? This article seeks to answer that question.

How to withdraw from Toloka to Payoneer and then to your local bank account

First, connect your Payoneer account from the Toloka dashboard by clicking this link, which takes you to your money page.

You will then be able to connect your existing Payoneer account or click the withdraw button if you’ve already done that. 

As you can see in the image below, the minimum amount you can withdraw from Toloka is US$ 20, and Payoneer will charge a transaction fee of $1.

Unlike the old days when you could only withdraw from Payoneer using their card, we now have the option of linking our personal ATM cards. This is convenient as you can get paid directly to your local bank account e.g. KCB, Equity, DTB, etc.

Sneaky tactics used by Payoneer to grab your hard-earned cash on Toloka

Think about all the hours you’ve spent clicking on silly junk online just to earn some 30 bucks, only for Payoneer to take all of that. It hurts. It is just as bad as daylight robbery, really. If you do not know what I am talking about, let me bring you up to speed.

Payoneer’s hidden charges

For every registered account, Payoneer expects you to send or receive at least $2,000 every year. Failure to reach that target, and will slap you with a penalty of $29.95, which is imposed annually.

For the average tasker, especially in low-tier countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, the Philippines, and South Africa, this is quite unfair. It means that you will be working for days or even months before you can be able to first get to Payoneer’s mandatory deduction while being left with something.

And it doesn’t stop there

To withdraw to your local bank account, you need to have at least $50 in your account. Are you still interested?

Now let us do some math…

Assuming you have a new account (payoneer), and have already connected it to Toloka. How much will you need to have in order to have some amount get to your local bank account?

Final take – Is Toloka worth it?

First of all, Toloka is a legitimate platform. However, I would say that unless you have nothing else to do, stay away from this modern-day slavery. You are better off waging at a day job, like any other pleb out there. These tasking apps won’t even feed you, let alone pay your monthly internet bill. There are better avenues to make good money online, but for this one, no. Neither are the alternatives to Toloka such as Remotasks, Clickworker, Appen, Ultest, and Oneforma. Respect yourself and your time.

What other tasking sites have you worked on? Are you earning anything meaningful? Comment below this post.

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