How to download birth certificate registration form B3 and B4 PDF in Kenya

So many of you are struggling to get forms b4 and b3 for the application of birth certificates online. You go look for it online and what you find is either form B3 or form B4 alone. While these forms can be elusive, we have always had it at our local cyber cafe, always ready to print and fill them right away.

What is form B3 and formB4?

Actually, these are not three different forms. They are combined into one PDF and must be filled together by any Kenyan applying for late birth registration. Yes, that is the correct term.

Accompanying a duly filled(by you and the area chief) late registration of birth forms B3 and B4 are two more documents, which are also mandatory. These include:

  1. Parent(s) ID copy.
  2. Birth notification or the old clinic card.

A few things to note when applying for a late birth certificate in Kenya

As of 2014, birth notifications were introduced, replacing the old card that had a graph, although the graph can still be found in the clinic record book that is issued to all expectant women.

If there are typos or other errors on the birth notification that need to be changed, such as the name of a child, these should be done before the child is over 4 years old.

While previously a daunting task that took anything from weeks to months, nowadays kenyans can literally begin this process in the morning and have their birth cert ready by evening.

There are payments to be made, and as per the recent changes gazetted by the ministry of interior, the amount to be paid when processing birth certificate has shot from Ksh 150 per child to 500/=.

How to download birth certificate registration form B3 and B4

Here for you, we have the form for application for the late registration of a birth in PDF format. As already explained above, this document contains form B3 on the first page, and form B4 on the second. All you have to do is click the link below and your document will be right with you in no time.

How much does it cost to download forms B3 and B4 for the late registration of a birth in Kenya?

For a limited time, we are giving you this document almost for free. We only charge a small token to help us keep this site up through hosting and the occasional human presence to see that things are running smoothly.

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