Free Fundraiser Proforma Templates in Microsoft Publisher

Fundraisers are always here with us. A successful fundraiser requires meticulous planning and clear documentation in order to correctly pass the message. This is where proforma templates swoop in as your trusty sidekick, and Microsoft Publisher emerges as the simple tool of design and customization for the less tech-savvy designers out there. In this article, we will unveil the vital role of proforma templates and the myriad benefits of harnessing Microsoft Publisher’s creative prowess in their design.

What is a Proforma Template?

Picture a proforma template as the blueprint of your fundraising operation—a structured, pre-designed form that encapsulates essential details. These details include venue, guests of honor(if any), RSVP, and even the contact address of the treasurer, if any.

Importance of Proforma Templates in Fundraising

Think of proformas as an offline means of reaching out to as many people as you can. While most people can access apps like WhatsApp, remember that distraction can happen, and sooner or later the fundraiser group is forgotten.

However, since proformas are physical cards, one is more inclined to get over with it immediately, or at least have it around them, hence more effective in delivering the message. Since their name is also written on it, that creates an improved sense of obligation.

Key Elements of a Fundraiser Proforma

As a rule of thumb, a proforma will contain:

  • Name or title of individual or organization calling for the fundraiser.
  • Reason for the fundraiser – why are you asking for funds? what do you want to achieve?
  • Date, time, and venue of the fundraiser.
  • Contact information of one of the organizing committees.
  • Any invited guests.

The Power of Microsoft Publisher

Why Choose Microsoft Publisher for Proforma Templates?

Among the plethora of design software at your disposal, why opt for Microsoft Publisher? First, it is free to use, it is also offline, and can work on any computer – old or modern. Second, its a tool that combines user-friendliness with creative muscle.

Microsoft publisher offers a wide range of customization options and to the right designer who knows how to use it, it can do wonders equalling the likes of Canva, etc.

Where to find Free proforma templates for fundraising

Instead of going through the pains of designing a proforma from scratch, I have created a ready-to-use proforma template that you can just plug and play.

Sure enough, there are hundreds of proforma templates on the internet, but are they free? Do they require signup? These are the questions you have to ask yourself. Also, there is the case of compatibility with our local setting. Fundraiser proformas are highly localized, especially for us Kenyans. There’s just a way we design them, and that’s different. You ideally don’t want to come up with something strange, trying to pass the same message. Keep it simple, like the example we will give below.

Top Free Fundraiser Proforma Templates

The moment you’ve been waiting for—discover our most downloaded, free fundraiser proforma templates that can elevate your fundraising efforts. It passes the message in a clear, colorful way.

How to use

Once you have downloaded this template, all you have to do is extract the zipped file, then open instructions.txt. This is a guide showing you how to edit the template to suit your needs, as well as your printing preferences.

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