NASA To Sue Jubilee Over Supporter Killings

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NASA, the National Super Alliance, has announced that it’s going to sue the Jubilee government over the killings of its supporters during the past demonstrations especially in late 2017.

Speaking at Okoa Kenya Ofiices on Wednesday, January 24, Kakamega Senator (Cleophas Malala) said that the opposition is going to use affidavits signed by its leaders to file the petition.


Cleophas Malala speaking at Okoa Kenya offices.

He continued to say that the opposition will ask the ICC to initiate investigations on the Jubilee government following the killings of NASA supporters by Police during demonstrations, what he termed as profiling and killing of innocent citizens.

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“We are going to process and file a petition before the United Nations Security Council using the affidavit. We are going also to file a petition to the African Union Assembly, European Union.We are also going to ask the ICC to start investigating over the profiling and killing of NASA supporters so that we take this fight to the another level,” said Malala.

In an earlier post, the opposition said that the swearing-in ceremony will still happen as planned, despite closure of Uhuru Park and a stern warning from the government. This is a move that is likely to spark more demonstrations which leaves one to wonder what they really want considering the behaviors we’ve seen previously from opposition leaders in demonstrations.

The killings reported are a result of the August 8, 2017, presidential elections. Following the results of the election, the uncontended NASA supporters took to the streets where several were killed.

More was to be witnessed during Uhuru’s swearing-in ceremony when Raila and his people were stopped from addressing a rally at Jacaranda.

During all these clashes between police and members of the public, several people (including kids aged between 6 months and 9 years) lost their lives.

These deaths are what have pushed the NASA principals to move to the ICC.

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