Mpesa Con Faces The Wrath Of The Public: Utawala

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A suspected Mpesa conman was mobbed by the public at Utawala area Nairobi after being caught in the act.

The man identified as Charles Onyango Omondi is purported to be in a ring of gang causing unrest in Nairobi’s residential areas. The fellow cons took off after hell broke loose leaving him at the hands of the angry mob already fed up with their daily muggings.

The suspected conman

This comes after a revelation of how Mpesa shops fall to hideous conning which is getting popular across the country.

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Several photos and videos have surfaced on how it took place. The suspect was forced by irate mob to give the number of his fellow members but he stuck to the oath. When the crowd could not take it anymore, they had to rain a hail of stones giving him serious injuries. The suspect was left unconscious after his body could not hod it anymore.

Onyango is said to come from Kayole area in which the Gaza branded thugs had taken over and even led to death of some through fire exchange with the police.

The case is under police and the public is assured the group is brought to book.

On a related note, Nairobi has of late become a crime hotspot where muggings take place even on a broad daylight. There have been a number of arrests and cases by people on line with robbery. The most heard case was of the lady who lost her golden earings to robbery that ended up with wounded ear.

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The video below was captured in the scene:


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