It is God’s Work: Eric Omondi Clears The Air

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After the viral photo of the comedian Eric Omondi went viral, he has finally come out in good heart.

Yesterday, it was trending and many Kenyans went online posing for the challenge.

Eric has since stated that the photo showing how enormous his manly tools are  was not taken on purpose. “I cannot correct God’s work,” he stated. He just realized it after the fans buzzed  on the comments.

This was unintentional, I had posted the photo innocently and some minutes later, it was receiving a lot of comments. I logged in to check the user feedback and that is when I realized my manhood was fighting its way out through my pair of shorts.

I was confused and thought of pulling it down but I did not because I cannot correct God’s work.

The photo

The most private part of my body are my bones and everyone knows how skinny I am.  I decided to overlook what online users are saying. On the better part, I am a comedian and my work is to make people laugh, so as long as what I do makes them laugh I am happy – Eric Omondi

The #EricOmondiChallenge took social media yesterday and the Kenyan creativity spirit was on its climax.

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