Best of Eric Omondi Challenge That Will Leave You in Stitches

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A few days after a grand welcome for his girlfriend, the comedian Eric Omondi has broken the internet with how humongous his manly ‘tools’ are.

This is the second time he is trending this month after the majestic welcome he did for Chantal by erecting a billboard. To many it was act of love but critics did their best. It seems Eric has a lot to show us this year because he is already in fire.

Many people have gone online and even some celebrities and said something regarding the photo. The photo was taken in the coast and courtesy of Bonfire adventures. The actual image is the one below;

Eric with his girlfriend

After that surfaced, Twitter went gags and a hashtag #EricOmondiChallenge went viral and people were showing how big they can make theirs. All this was hilarious and we just sampled some of the pictures as below;

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