10 weird Nokia Phones You’ll Wish You Owned Back Then

Remember how Nokia bossed the cellphone age in the last decade and a half? With their creative design ideas, the Finland-based firm went on to produce some of the weirdest cell phones in the early 2000s. Here we take a look at 10 of these such models that were either too appealing or too strange to many. Are you ready?

  1. Nokia 7600

Released in 2003, this handset resembled a teardrop. It had a huge size, requiring you to use hold with two hands at all times. Though some found the design awesome, it just wasn’t appealing for many.

  • Nokia 7280

For a cellphone, this looked nothing close to it. Released in 2005, it had no keyboard but used a spinner for input. Sounds crazy already, right? Well its weird design didn’t go unnoticed, and it got its infamous nickname – “the lipstick phone”.

  • Nokia 3650

Despite being released earlier than the N7280, looked and was designed better than the 7280. It had a circular keypad and all other dials circled the menu key. Surprisingly though, this phone ran Symbian series 60.

  • Nokia N90

Perhaps the father of the video camera, the N90 was clearly ahead of its time when it was released in 2005. The screen could be transformed into a portable camcorder with 2MP Carl Zeiss camera and LED flash.

  • Nokia 6800

Nokia clearly had a thing for keypads, and the 6800 clearly showed it. The regular keypad could be flipped to the other side and what you had was a full QWERTY keypad.

  • Nokia 3250

Playing around with the keypad again, Nokia outdid itself with this smartphone. It majored on the music lovers owing to its placement of controls on the spinning bottom half.

  • Nokia 7700

Although widely expected to be the first multimedia handset, this smartphone never made it to the market. It would sport a touch screen, FM radio, a web browser and Bluetooth.

  • Nokia 7710

Released in 2004, this handset had a 1MP camera, a web browser and an MP3 player. Its starting cost was a disappointing $700.

  • Nokia N-Gage

Designed to try and create a blend between a gaming console and a mobile phone, the N-gage ended up with more criticism than sales and as a result Nokia shelved the model.

  1. Nokia 8910i

One of the first business phones in the world, this handset utilized titanium entirely for its casing and cost over $450. Because it was made from metal, it always kept freezing.

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